Editorial Guidelines

Commitment To Quality Independent Reviews

How Our Florida Business Reviews Work

As a 3rd party news outlet on Florida Local Businesses, we remain unbiased. Our process is 4 steps:

  1. We learn of a business through our research team or a business reaches out to us.
  2. The business is vetted, we check BBB, google reviews, yelp reviews and other various customer testimonials.
  3. We conduct an interview with the business and find out all of the information about what differentiates that business and makes it special. We also interview past clients.
  4. If everything ads up and the business passes the sniff test, an article is written and reviewed by our editing team and then it is published and syndicated.

At Times, South Florida Business Digest may receive compensation for featuring a business. As an independent publishing company, our writers, editors and researchers have to be paid. We may receive some small compensation for the time it takes to interview and publish an article on a company. This only happens if the business makes it past the initial research and vetting phase. We regularly turn down businesses that have bad reviews. The South Florida business review is a place for consumers to find trustworthy companies in Florida which would not happen if we accepted every person that applied.

Threshold For Application To The South Florida Business Review:

Any business that is featured must have at least 20 reviews with an average rating across all review platforms of 4 stars or better. If the business has less than an aggregate rating of 4 stars it will not be accepted. Additionally, businesses may be turned down even if they meet the threshold but we find something out in the interview process with the owner or one of its customers. We do not publish negative reviews on businesses, rather, we will just not feature them. The South Florida Business Review and Featured Business section are meant to be a positive showcase, not a negative one. There is enough negativity in the world and there are many other news outlets where you can find dirt on bad actors. That is not our mission at The South Florida Business Digest.


If you are interested in having your busienss featured, you can apply here.