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The Story Behind Brand North

An interview With George Kocher

Paul: Why was Brand North Founded?

George: Brand North was founded because of an opportunity to drive better traffic with more robust marketing campaign attribution. The idea of creating robust digital marketing for business owners to help them scale their business was exciting. 

Paul: Why did you think businesses needed better traffic and better campaign attribution?

George: Simple, I ran multiple businesses and worked with multiple agencies. I never got what I wanted. I never had an agency that I felt like truly understood my business. There was always a lot swept under the carpet and money wasted.  That’s why we created an agency focused on applying systems and process to sales and marketing to gain repeatable, data backed results.

“Brand North is creating real repeatable systems that don’t just focus on more traffic, but focus on making the business wealthy.”

-George Kocher

Paul: What sets Brand North apart from other Boca Raton SEO companies?

George: We’re not just an advertising agency. We take a look at the whole picture. We build websites while offering innovative business advice, sophisticated technology solutions, and proven strategies to engage, convert, track, and maintain customers. We don’t just rank people for keywords. We help grow businesses. 

Paul: What online services are offered?

George: We offer everything from Facebook Ads, PPC, web design, copywriting, and SEO, to lead generation, graphic design, web development, KPI tracking, and sales scripts. We are experts at custom CRM development and implementation, and use data analytics and call tracking to get our clients the best leads possible. 


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